Thursday, June 30, 2011


I need to be so completely honest with you today ...

I'm feeling a tad bit run down and burned out this week.
It seems a lot of things (not people) are desperately trying to drag me down and out - and I'm desperately trying to treasure up every "little thing" I can muster to continue to stand tall.

Since Mr. Wilson has been gone enjoying this:
I have been enjoying lots of car playing, dimple poking, and chub squeezing
(so sad to report, no chub found on the green boy).

But, I'm ready for my other half to be available for parental support in the flesh.
I'm ready to make my 'to-do' list shorter ... not longer.
I'm ready to have a moment alone with my breath ...

While I wait for the return of Mr. Wilson's handsomely scruffy face
- which I'm sure HAS to smell of fish -
I'm planning some fun for our little family this weekend, Including ...
Seriously, could cinnamon chips, chocolate, strawberries and whip cream look any more delicious?!?!
grab the recipe HERE

In the mean time ... I'm going to keep this in mind:

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

- Anonymous

My favorite "little thing" today:
I'm at the grocery store with my green and blue boy, picking out beautiful fruits and veggies all colors of the rainbow when green boy says:
"Mom, can you please try not to spit on the bananas again?
You spit on the bananas while you were talking to me.
You know we aren't supposed to spit. That's naughty."

I would love to hear what YOUR "little things" are ...


Rachel said...

I made the nachos last weekend. They are absolutely divine. And good luck awaiting Doug's return. Its hard without them!! You're amazing though!!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

I have those days all the time you are not alone. Too funny about the spitting on the bananas I just laughed out loud! Hope next week is a little better ;)

XO Lindsay

Spirited Shannon said...

aww! Maybe a good night's rest will help? A nice relaxing bath? Good luck, and keep your chin up!

Lindsay said...

Oh, that made me LAUGH!!! I love that little boy SO much!! Sorry I couldn't make you happy that week... :( Luv u!

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