Monday, May 23, 2011


The last couple days have been interesting...
The Orthopedic Surgeon told me I have a torn meniscus.
Not good...the only solution is surgery.

But the good part definitely explains the:
(as I sit here with a bag of frozen cauliflower on my knee and pain meds at my side.)

It's pretty crazy to go from spinning 26 miles an hour, running sprints, squatting...etc. everyday
to not even being able to get out of bed or play 'tigers' on the floor with my boys.

I'm feeling pretty pathetic.
I'm a go-er and a do-er.
I don't like to sit around - and I don't like my body to be incapable of ANYTHING!
But the good news is: though the pain is bad, I've had pain much worse...
so I know I can get through it.

Now this week will be on to an MRI and a return to the Surgeon for a consultation about surgery.

My "little things" today: 
 the sound of the birds singing through my open windows
my little boy's rosie cheeks after playing outside
helping hands
kind words from a friend
a tall glass of ice cold water
the smell of freshly bathed skin

These things...and many more will keep a smile on my face while I wait for my knee to be repaired.

Okay...let's be completely honest - at times that smile might not be on my face, but I will at least keep it hiding in my back pocket!

What are YOUR "little things" today?


mimihalley said...

Boo about your knee! Yay for living in a day when doctors can do surgery and give you pain meds! I can't imagine living in a different time period.

Megan said...

Oh that is a bummer! Whenever something like this happens, I realize a lot of what I do is just fluff....and then my house gets really messy :) Hope you have someone to help you out during the day!

Meegan said...

I hope you take care of it soon. My husband just had ACL recontructive surgery, and both meniscus repaired on one knee. It is a long painful recovery-but worth it. (He is a high school football and basketball referee)
Just stay low and let others help you. It's hard, but in the end-so worth it!!

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