Friday, May 13, 2011

"little things" inspiration by Kelly...

I've been on the edge of my seat all day.

"Why?" you ask...

Because my service project proposal I've hinted at is finally being presented to the board of
Good Samaritan Hospital today!

I can't stop checking my email...just hoping some kind of news will be waiting for me.

I've been dreaming about this opportunity for so long and today is the day I receive either a
"YES - let's go forward" or a "NO - I'm sorry".

I can't even tell you how badly I want this project to be approved. 
I promise if it is approved I will tell you all about it!
Please cross your dainty little fingers for me today...

I don't exactly have a "little things" post for you,
but I wanted to share with you a portion of a letter (with permission granted) I received from one of my readers, Kelly, about some of her "little things" lists.  I think a lot of you will be able to relate her

"I wanted to tell you that you have inspired me in an area I've been needing inspiration in lately.
I have 2 children (Millie, 3 1/2, and Andy, almost 2), and about a year ago I bought a blank journal for each of them.
My intention has been to write to them in the journals frequently, throughout their childhoods, so they'd have them someday when they're grown.
As of today, both journals are still empty.  :(  
I always mean to write in them, and then feel overwhelmed about where to start, what to write, etc...reading your blog tonight, it hit me.
I'm going to start them tomorrow night, and I'm going to start with 5 little things.
Just whatever 5 little sweet, funny, or not-so-sweet-or-funny-but-
kinda, special things that happened that day.
I'm going to TRY ;) to do this every day for both of them.
  I know I can find 5 little things each day to write.
 I'm feeling so excited about it, and wanted to let you know you've inspired this mama!
Thanks so much for the wonderful blog, I'll be checking back in often!"

- Kelly

Whether you have children or not, write in a journal or not...I KNOW you can answer this question:

Do YOU have a desire, a goal, or something very important to you that is or has been left undone?
If your answer is "Yes"  or even "Maybe"...

go follow Kelly's example and change that TODAY!

Write it down right now and get started immediately!
It will make you feel like a million bucks AND I guarantee your
smile will be bigger and the light in your eyes brighter!
(Just the wonderful results that come from accomplishing something great!)

AND in the spirit of our search for the "little things" in life...
remember what Kelly said:
"I know I can find 5 little things each day to write."
So no matter what your schedule looks like... 

Hear me cheering this in your ear:
You CAN accomplish great things! 

You CAN find more joy and love in your everyday moments by searching for YOUR "little things"!

Now go get 'em!
and please share:

1 comment: said...

Thanks for sharing that, Heather! As an update, I haven't been perfect at writing in their journals every day - but most days I do. And I have loved doing it; it makes me 'look for' those moments during the day (sometimes I have more than 5 to write), and really appreciate them all the more. And I believe the kids will love having these when they are older, and realizing how cherished they were. :)
Good luck on your proposal as well, saying a prayer for you!

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