Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Little things by April...

Our "little things" list today comes from the home sweet home of Mr. Wilson....Colorado.
Just 15 minutes down the street from his childhood home lives a little Mama.
Her name is April.

She is a beautiful Wife to one funny guy and an amazing Mother to 4 busy kiddies.
She is a hardworking, strong, courageous and happy woman.
It's hard NOT to be happy when you are talking to her or even just around her...
She exudes joy.

She keeps herself very busy...she takes on any and all tasks with gusto and gets it all done with a smile.
She has a big heart and gives her love freely to all.
She is a glowing example of love and joy.
Here she is...

This covers about a week of specific things I put to memory each day while I was trying to come up with my list...

1. The adorable laugh of my baby girl, even if it was induced by a tickle.

2. Watching my oldest son run across the playground after school to give me a hug.

3. The smile of my second son as we sing along to his favorite 
Daughtry song.

4. Laughing with the funny man in my life~my hubby.

5. The few quiet minutes when the oldest two are at school and the youngest two are sleeping. Heaven.

6. The neurotic winter weather in Denver, making today a park day at 75 degrees outside.

7. The sound of little fingers practicing the piano.

8. Dark-chocolate covered almonds. Need I say more?

9. The smell of homemade bread.

10. Watching my third son try and talk like a dog with his tongue out.

  Thanks for the reminder to look for the little things each day!

"Little things" happen everyday...every moment.
They are easy to overlook with our busy lives and busy schedules,
but they are the moments that bring us pure joy.
The moments we need to treasure.

I hope April helps you see that the "little things" like laughter, hugs, singing, and games are things we can choose to overlook with a mind full of "to-dos", or we can choose to cherish.

I hope you choose to cherish.
Thank you, April!

What made YOUR heart smile today?
Even if it's one thing...let us know.

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