Monday, May 9, 2011

how was YOUR weekend?

Happy Monday to all you beauties out there...
I hope your weekend was good to you!
Here is a little of what we did...
Master Mr. Wilson

And a pretty awesome Mother's Day!
Here is a little peek at some of my Mother's Day treats!

I always knew I would be a Mother, but I will admit, I wasn't one of those girls who said "I want to be a Mom" when you asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up.

I wanted, what I thought at the time, was much more than Mommyhood!

I wanted to be someone whom others loved and admired
Someone whose name was known.

Someone who changed the way people saw their world.
I wanted to be someone who could gather a crowd with her music.
Someone who could teach and inspire in a way no one else could.

Do you see the trend in all those desires?
It was all about how I was perceived by others.

I was young and naive. I wanted to change the world.

I'm still young, but since then, I've had many life experiences and welcomed my boys into the world - all of which have changed me...and my perspective. Now I see that all those desires can actually be fulfilled by my children!

I can still crave greatness, but without the need to be validated by others...I can still want to change the world, but I must first change the world for my two miracles because they are what matters most, not fame, or the opinion and love of others.
  That is the the most important work I can do.

If I do that...I have accomplished more than I could have ever imagined for myself! I also know I can only change their world with the help others...or the 'village' it takes to raise these beautiful boys.

Now, this doesn't mean I have lost my dreams or my deepest desires...I definitely have NOT!

This also doesn't make it alright to use my role as a Mother as an excuse to not do anything else.

I still need to dream, to serve, to inspire change in others...
but even if I figure out a way to solve all the sorrows and violence in the world, none of it will matter if I didn't start the change at home with MY green and blue boys...and this will fill my lifetime with very important work.

They inspire me, they love me, they serve me, they lift me up.
They teach me what I need to be.
Who could ask for more?

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing Mother's, women and 'village' out there changing the world...
one little miracle at a time.
thank you.

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Lindsay said...

YAY!! Tell Master Dougie Doug that we said congrats!!! We are so proud of him and wished we could've been there for the special occasion :( Glad you had a good Mother's Day! Looks like you got what you've been wanting for a while ;)

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