Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Satin Flower Winners…

Thanks to all of you who entered the giveaway!
I just LOVE reading your comments…hearing from each of you helps keep me inspired and motivated!

Our next giveaway will start when we have 75 followers…
and I know I say this every time – but, I’m REALLY excited for this next one!

I was so relieved Random.org picked one lover of the pink flower and one lover of the red flower!
We would’ve been in a bind otherwise!

Congratulations my ladies!
To those who didn’t win this time…don’t give up!
Don’t allow that inner self to say
“You’re NOT a winner, stop trying.”
That’s a lie. Don’t believe it!

As soon as we get 75 PUBLIC followers…our next giveaway will begin! Who doesn’t LOVE a chance to win something HANDMADE and FREE?!?!

Here’s our lucky ladies…
True Random Number Generator Result: 15

Jenny Bay said...

I am a fan of the red :)

True Random Number Generator   Result: 23

Kelly@TheAdornedAbode.com said...

I'm a follower on your blog! Love it! :)  I want the pink one!

Email your home address to me at squeezingitallin@gmail.com so I can get your flower off to you ASAP!


Jenny Bay said...

wahoo, I'm so excited!!! Thanks so much :)

DeNiel said...

Lucky girls!

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