Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pink Satin Flower Winner

I can’t seem to find Kelly…and this Satin flower needs a home ASAP!
I’m so sad for Kelly, but happy for our new winner of the pink satin flower…

Shawnte who said...

“I follow you, don't be scared I’m nice :)
I love the pink flower…”
Shawnte…I’m anything but scared that you follow me – I LOVE it!
Congratulations girl!

Take a sec. to jump up and down and dance around…okay, stop.
It’s not like you won a million dollars- but close, right?!?!  

Anyway, I hope this lands first…okay, maybe second place on your “little things” list for today!
Email me your address at and I will get it to you very soon!

See you all later today…
Oh, and I'm featured over on Megan's blog today.
The theme of the month:
"I am ME!"

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