Saturday, April 16, 2011

little things by Trisha...

Hey there! Happy Saturday!
I just got home from a great hour long run...enjoying the cool breeze, fluffy clouds, and smell of candy I caught as I passed the blossoming trees.

It was really wonderful, but I'm sure I'll be paying for it with my allergies for the next few days!

Have you told someone something you truly love or admire about them yet?!?!
Well, let's go do that NOW...TODAY!

Go can do it!

Today's "little things" list comes from Trisha.
She is a beautiful Wife, and Mommy of one cute boy (and expecting another here pretty soon!).
She works full time outside the home and somehow seems to squeeze it all in!
She is one amazing lady!

She is a wonderful musician and I've had the privilege of recording some of my music with her.
She is an incredible flute player!

Trisha is the type of woman everyone loves to be around.
She is loving, kind and welcoming.
She is a great example of loving your family and others unconditionally.
She is the kind of girl you definitely want to be friends with...

Let's see what treasures she found...
 A few "little things" that truly warmed my heart and made me smile:

1.  Waking up in the morning with my three year-old snuggled up to me so tight!  He looked so cute!  (poor little guy was having bad dreams so he got to sleep with us!)

2.  Reading an email from one of my best friends from college announcing that she is expecting her second baby too!

3.  I paused for a moment to look at the picture I keep on my desk at work of my little family with my parents in their beautiful backyard way back west.  It made me happy to think of the beautiful place I grew up and how wonderful my parents are, and how they have made their home such a "haven" from the busy and crazy world! 

4.  The excitement and anticipation I felt when I heard my husband get home after a long day of work, and then seeing my own excitement reflected in my 3 year-old's face when he heard it too! 

5.  The girl scout cookies I got to eat when I got home from work!  A few little chocolate cookies just made me happy!!   

   It has been really good for me to look for little things like this, being so big and pregnant has been such a struggle for me.  This baby has been harder to carry and it is so good to take my mind off of the constant back pain etc. etc. etc. and look for "little things" that make me happy! 

Thanks Trisha!
We are ALL busy, busy people. We are ALL trying to squeeze in as much as we possibly can into each day...
but the most important thing to squeeze in is your search for the "little things" in life.
It makes all the moments in your life more meaningful.
Life is short...make it great!

send your list to me!


swedemom said...

Your family always makes me smile! Especially that cute little 3-year old of yours. Love ya!


Sara, Nick, and kids said...

i love your blog. i'm always excited to click on it when i see you have posted something new. everything is so creative and done perfectly and beautifully. that is something i admire about you :)

DeNiel said...

Trisha had a baby boy this last Friday. Congratulations!

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