Friday, April 1, 2011

little things by Lindsay…

The “little things” list I want to share with you today comes from a woman I’ve known
since I was just a wee babe with a ruffly diaper cover and satin ribbon tied in my curly locks.
Her name is Lindsay.
She’s a pretty amazing woman! …

We’ve seen each other through our chubby and awkward stages, broken arms, broken hearts, frizzy bangs, ugly haircuts and moves across the U.S.
We’ve watched each other grow into ourselves and I’m so blessed to call her a life long friend.

I was thrilled when she sent me her “little things” list!
(I would be thrilled to receive YOURS too!…hint. hint.)

The purpose of our “little things” search here at squeezing it all in is to foster an environment of inspiration and motivation.

To help us get up and DO something to bring more joy into our lives because WE are the ones responsible for that joy and happiness…
not anyone else!

To help move us out of our comfort zone to accomplish a goal that has been lingering around for much too long!

To find other women, or men, who share in our feelings, our hardships, our accomplishments…our journey of life.

I want her list…as well as every other list I share with you to do just that.

She has a really great way of expressing herself in writing so I’m just going to stop blabbing and turn you over to her…

  “I have been thinking a lot about your challenge to find the "little things".

Honestly, life has been hard lately and I have found myself sometime only being able to find one "little thing" and often times not keeping my mind and heart open to finding anything at all!

However, every night as I lay in my bed I go over the events of the day. After thinking, sometimes searching, I know that I am not forgotten and that the Lord has given me many "little things" to help me realize how many blessings He continues to grant me.

- watching my son get up and dance whenever any music comes on and then pulling my hand so I will stand up and start dancing with him.

- 4pm when I hear my husbands keys jingle in the door

- my husband walking through the door with a hug and kiss waiting just for me!

- watching my son put together a puzzle all by himself and then clap and get excited when he finishes!

- calling my mom every thirty minutes during the final episode of The Bachelor to chat about what was going on. Then laugh, gasp, and cry with her even though she is thousands of miles away- she's my best friend!

- being able to go back to the gym after 2 months of recovering from surgery.

(Lindsay recently had a painful shoulder surgery for complications resulting from years of displaying her amazing volleyball skills... With help from her Mother, since her husband was out of town, she struggled with infections and complications with recovery. She now is doing much better.)

- hearing laughter from my son and husband as they play, wrestle, and tickle each other.

- having a good laugh and cry during on of my favorite chick flicks.

- finding many "little things" in my life that are overlooked!

I could go on and on with so many "little things" that are in my life. When I have hard days, I remember these things and many others to help put perspective back into my life. Your challenge has helped me find more joy by looking each day for a few "little things" that made me smile!

Thank you, Linds for sharing your list with us and how it has changed you! I hope you all can find inspiration in her words.

Now YOU go give it a try and feel the difference YOUR search for the “little things” will make!
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DeNiel said...

I love Lindsay!

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