Tuesday, March 15, 2011

little things by Elizabeth

Our “little things” list I want to share with you today is from an incredibly inspiring and strong woman.
Her name is, Elizabeth.
She is a wonderful wife, Mother, sister, daughter and friend.
She has 3 beautiful children.
Her oldest, Megan, is one smart cookie and first in line to marry my green boy someday.
Her son, Jack, was born November 18th, 2008 and was called home to his Heavenly Father after only 41 short days of life on this Earth with his family. 
Two months ago she welcomed her beautiful baby Jane who sounds like she has brought some immense amounts of joy into their family’s life after having to say goodbye to their sweet little Jack. 
is full of hope and faith…and she is pretty beautiful too!

Here is her list of treasures to inspire you (found after a pretty rough day):
“What better way to end my day then thinking of the 5 things would’ve been forgotten, if I hadn’t looked, that DID make me smile??? 
So here you have it:
1. My husband calling home to check on me in the middle of a stress-filled day
2. Fitting into a loved pair of jeans less than ten weeks post delivery
3. Diving into a captivating book during a quiet fifteen minutes
4. My little girl belting out Donna Sommer's "Hot Stuff" from the backseat of the car
5. My little-er girl smiling away at me after a nice long nap”

I hope you are feeling inspired by the “little things” she found… 
Keep opening your eyes and searching.
You will feel the difference.

My “little things” for today were being asked by my green boy to read him a book not knowing it was a book filled with unpronounceable dinosaur names…we just laughed together while I butchered every single one.
And a bouquet of red roses from a friend.
Did you think of a “little thing” you found today?
Let us know about it! squeezingitallin@gmail.com
Only 3 more days to enter…it will only take a minute. Just jump off that google reader and do it!
Maybe it will be your turn to win

1 comment:

Elizabeth J. said...

I have already told you how much I love this segment of your blog, and you should know how honored I am that you featured me! You are a good example Heather...always looking for the good and beautiful in things. And now that you've documented this day for me, I will never forget Megan singing, "I want some HOT STUFF baby this evening!" It was hil.ar.i.ous!!!

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