Monday, March 21, 2011

little things by Ann…

First, I want to tell you how wonderful it has been to receive emails from some of you!
It means the world to me to hear how you have been inspired or touched by something I’ve shared with you.

It’s wonderful to hear how the “little things” you’ve found in your own life have changed you and in turn changed others by allowing me to share your treasures here!

Today I want to introduce you to Ann.
She is tall and beautiful with a gentle, kind and glowing countenance.
(I can say that because I’ve know her for the last 12 years or so + it’s true).
She is a wonderful wife and Mother of tall and beautiful children (like herself)
and now that her children are grown,
she has the privilege of welcoming grandchildren into her life.
Here she is…

“Here are some “little things” that mean the world to me,
1. A vase of pink tulips - a gift from my husband who knows that it was the perfect cure for these last dreary days of winter…a reminder that spring is on its way!
2. My 5-year granddaughter’s  sweet and sincere voice on the answering machine asking,  “When are you coming to see me Nannie?”
3. Sunlight streaming through the window lighting my home and mood…
4. The smile and hug of a friend I have not seen for a long while...
5. Curling up with my hubby during a fierce thunderstorm…it feels so good to feel cozy and secure in the midst of life’s storms…they don’t seem so bad when experiencing them with a loved one.
thank you for giving me the opportunity to reflect on the joy of the little things...”

I love Ann’s 5 things!
She helps us to see that the most important and meaningful things are exactly that…”little”…
a ray of sunshine or a smile and hug from someone special.
That’s it…but we have to really LOOK and allow ourselves to SOAK up the joy
that is emitted from these tiny moments.

Keep looking.
Keep feeling inspired.
Don’t let ANYTHING or ANYONE cloud your vision from these beautiful “little things” that sprinkle your life.
The more you look, the more you see.
Share YOUR list with us! email me at

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DeNiel said...

I am truly inspired!

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