Monday, March 28, 2011

“little things” by Amy

I want to start the week off with some inspiration. I’m feeling the need for it in my own life this week so maybe you do too…

Today’s “little things” feature is from Amy. She is a wonderful wife, teacher, friend and mother expecting her second beautiful little girl in a few months. She is a woman of great faith and strength.

Here she is…

Thank you for this wonderful idea!  I feel taking the time and giving the thought into the “Little Things” has truly brought joy to the forefront of my mind where it may (or would) have been overlooked instead of cherished.  

1. My 2 year old daughter proudly stating and composing the sentence, "Mommy likes letter "M"" after seeing the letter on a sign while riding in the car.

2. My wonderful husband offering to cook my dinner after a long night of work; my first time back in a long time (see #8).

3. Being able to give the longest hug to my daughter in the middle of the night after a bad dream 

4. My daughter unprompted said "Hug Mommy." Then afterward, she said, "Thanks Mom!" 

5. Watching my daughter try her first "big kid" slide on the playground with no fear, just pure delight.

6. Enjoying an amazingly rich, chocolate, mousse cake...days before my glucose test :)

7. Taking a trip to the park with my Mom on a "sneak peek of Spring" type day.

8. Being able to return to teaching part time after a LONG five month hiatus.

9. My husband obliging to a very rare foot rub, despite being pregnant and working on my feet for hours, this was BIG for him…he hates feet.

I really appreciate the opportunity to share these moments with someone.  Sharing them somehow makes me more grateful, realizing they are precious, timeless, irreplaceable and most importantly the blessings that are MINE. I have LOVED doing this.  Thank you SO MUCH for the inspiration and the opportunity to share.

Thanks Amy!
Let’s make it a goal for ALL OF US to find at least ONE “little thing” this week.
If you think you don’t have time…just choose one day or even one hour to focus on your search.
Let the journey warm your heart knowing those moments are “precious, timeless, irreplaceable” and YOURS!!

You are blessed and special enough to have these beautiful moments…you just have to choose to open your eyes and really see them!

Let’s inspire and motivate each other…share your “little things” with me:

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