Monday, February 28, 2011

milk does a body good.

This is what milk can do for you in a matter of 8 weeks…
you can go from this:

2011-02-20 001

to this:

2011-02-28 033

the “little thing” that changed me today was putting all my other “to do’s” aside to teach someone how to read instructions…
2011-02-28 0302011-02-28 032

What was the “little thing” YOU found today? Leave a comment and let me know what changed your perspective today.

I updated my
timed and tested tutorials and added the felt dahlia…Now you can be motivated to make something beautiful for yourself – or someone else – because it only took me 32 minutes from start to finish! Go try it for yourself! It will be YOUR “little thing” for the day!

see you tomorrow!

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