Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I’m grateful we had a dance party last night…and that broken boy let me hold him and dance around the room…and he smiled…and I smiled…and I could feel his little body grooving to the music

I’m grateful today for a tiny fairy-sized surprise…when I went into baby’s room to fill up his humidifier, I was greeted with this beautiful miniature rainbow…INSIDE the humidifier…I’m not kidding you. It made me smile.

I’m grateful that I convinced my broken boy to take me to a craft store…it was a REAL challenge to get the two boys and myself there- and then getting INSIDE the store is a whole different story, but we did it! And broken boy wheeled himself around the store in his tiny man wheelchair. We were a sight to behold – but it was sooo nice for the stir crazy Mama to get out of the house!

I’m grateful to see Mr.Wilson take off his shoes and plop down on the couch next to me (while I’m drowning in the massive amounts of clean clothes I’m folding) and relax with one of my fresh pitas…and smile. it made me smile.

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