Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My family…

Mr. Wilson was able to be home with us all week long after Christmas and NOT work! ….which is quite a miracle! So I shut down everything and spent time with my little family.
We had our first school concert to attend…Popi and Nana made our little man feel special by swooping in to enjoy a little Rudolph and Frosty.


Parties and Nativities


a little cousin funIMG_4840IMG_4847

Christmas isn’t the same without trains in a winter wonderland!IMG_4818 E's first year seeing the trains and let’s just say…I had to pry his chubby fingers off the Plexiglas which resulted in a siren of screams emerging from his lips. We had to run toward the exit.  the end. IMG_4833
i love boys. 
IMG_4829look at the joy and excitement…
yes, even the big boy felt it too…

We had a great season celebrating the birth of our Savior and remembering His life and what He has done for us.
more to come…but I hear the sounds off little feet on the floor above me.
I’m now going to treat myself to some warm and snuggly boys waking up from naps,
the gym…
and some delicious eats.
see you tomorrow.


Ashley said...

why are your boys the cutest things ive EVER seen!?

Wilson Family said...

cause you don't have boys of your own, my mom told me two uglies make a cutie. :) that says it all.

Dan and LaVon said...

Looks like great fun. Love the puppets. Send more pictures,,I love pictures!

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