Friday, November 12, 2010

Time for Thanksgiving…

I know when a child’s birthday rolls around every Mother seems to feel a little sad at how quickly their baby turned into not so much a baby anymore. I’ve been feeling that way but with a lot of extra baggage attached which has made the last few weeks leading up to our “Thanksgiving baby’s” birthday especially hard.

I wanted this first year to last forever and it didn’t.
I don’t want my baby to grow up
I wanted to have a newborn in my home for as long as possible – knowing he was probably my last ‘homegrown’ babe
I want the choice as to whether I’m done having children or not..but I feel my choice has been stripped from me
The grief of these losses have been lingering over my head

What’s most important is that the beautiful souls given to me have been worth it all…they help me to see through the hard times -

Can you believe this baby…


and this baby…


turned into this baby...IMG_3687IMG_3750 IMG_2525

and this handsome boy?IMG_4679

I'm so grateful for a chance to celebrate my miracle boys on their Birthdays...and everyday.

and who knows what the future holds?


Rachel said...

i'm already sad that Maddies "newness" is wearing off. :( He is so cute! I hope he had a great bday! Looks like so much fun. And are you dropping hints about another baby?!! lol

Lindsay said...

Oh how I miss that bald head and those big thighs!! And how COOL is it they we share a special day together!! They are such beautiful, sweet boys. You are so incredibly blessed, Heath! I'm SO happy for you and my heart breaks for you at the same time. I love you and think about you all the time...give those babes a kiss from their Aunt Lindsay! *muah*

abradfordgardner said...

oh, happy bday to evan. we need to get these little kids of ours together so they can play!

Wilson Family said...

Rachel, I'm not dropping hints about another baby...My body isn't capable of that wondrous feat.

{Staci} said...

I know about that mourning, and grief. I know about ugly pregnancies and bodies that don't work they way we'd like. You know I feel you.

I hear you.

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