Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pioneer Woman

We had a new visitor in our home and she brought some seriously yummy food like this
IMG_4258 and this…

Her name is Ree and she hasn’t physically been in our home, although she would be happily welcomed, but her recipes have been here and they aren’t going anywhere!

I don’t like ham, but her Caramelized onion and Prosciutto pizza was divine and beautiful too! She taught me how to caramelize a mean onion…a new skill to add to my arsenal.

I have a crush on grilled pineapple. I could eat it until my mouth fell off. That’s why I really loved this.

Just take a second…okay, you’ll be there WAY longer than a second, and check out Ree. She’s my new best friend.


Elizabeth J. said...

Love the Pioneer Woman!! I wish I was her!

And MMMMMM that pizza looks so good!! I can't remember the last time I made homemade pizza. I am totally motivated now!

Joanna said...

Her blog is a favorite of mine, too!

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