Monday, June 14, 2010



IMG_4029IMG_4030The big man is 4 years old.
IMG_4006 Andrew had a great time celebrating with his friends. We had some fun things planned, but the weather didn’t quite cooperate…we had some beastly amounts of sweat that accumulated for such a small group of kids!
Here they are making license plates to wear…
IMG_3986during the race.
IMG_3993Opening presents!
IMG_4011IMG_4019Unfortunately the camera didn’t appear until we were in the midst of the aftermath of Andrew’s Lightening cake…but Lightening made it in one piece!
IMG_4020IMG_4035         Overall, Andrew LOVED his birthday! We adore you little Mister! The best 4 years of our life have been with you in it!

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Stacy Wilson said...

So cute. Sorry I missed it! Cant wait to see you guys in 2 weeks though!! :)

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