Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas list…

I’ve had a hard time getting to the blog these days, but today I’ve decided I needed to write out few of the many things that have been on my mind.

Doug has been asking me for a very long time to hand over my Christmas list and for the past 7 months or more all I had on it was
~a healthy, strong baby boy
~the pain in my body to go away

I’ve already received those wonderful gifts and have been cherishing them dearly but being the greedy woman I am, I’ve added two other things on my list…
~a handsome husband who loves the Lord, me and our children
~a 3 1/2 year old cutie who would fall in love with his “Baby Heaven” the moment he laid his eyes on him

That’s what I REALLY want for Christmas!
Since I already have these 4 things I know for sure my Christmas will be very, very merry! :)

Here are a few things that I have been grateful for and have made my days happy

Falling asleep to the glow of Christmas lights out my window
The sound of Andrew’s Christmas carols
A frozen Bertolli meal making my dinner routine easy and yummy
Evan’s sleepy smiles
The smell of cinnamon
”Mommy, thanks for washing my clothes”
My pink fuchsia dress…even if I can’t wear it until I’m done nursing
Melted cool whip in my mug of hot chocolate.
”I love you, sweetheart” and “Thank you” coming from the lips of my best friend
My Grandma’s body healing
Teaching a great piano lesson again
Buttoning my old jeans
Snuggling in a warm bed with my 3 beautiful boys!

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