Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweaty Hands

I had yet another appointment. As I was riding in the elevator I realized that my hands were sweaty and I was having trouble, my hands don't get sweaty often... I was just extremely nervous.

I told Doug on Monday night that something was going to happen at my appointment - I didn't know why or what, I just knew something was coming. As we were getting checked out and the ultrasound was being done all I could do was look at my doctor's face for a reaction....and I got one. We found a new problem that concerns my own health and permanent damage to my body which Doug and I hadn't really considered before. The problem is due to the surgery we have to have to try and keep a baby in my womb along with all the complications I have throughout the pregnancy. As far as I can understand, those two added together have brought about this new problem. I guess we were always worrying about the baby's health too much to really worry about my own.

Well, we now are concerned, but we know that we are in good hands and are being watched over by our Father in Heaven.

I have no real way of explaining it on the blog that would make me feel comfortable so I'm not sure what to say for those of you who really want to know. I'm still alight, but we aren't sure how much longer it will stay that way so we have to go in on Monday to have some tests done and decisions made. We will continue to pray that my body can stay strong and our sweet little one as well. No matter what outcome we see, the Lord is on our side.

Today I am grateful for pink peanut M&Ms and a Knight costume...I've been watched over all day by a little 3 1/2 year old Knight in Shining Armor - who I must say is quite brave!

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Jack-Jack said...

I think you are the brave one!

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