Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I just watched an episode of Planet Earth with Doug tonight and we watched as Elephants crossed the dusty desert without any food and water for weeks. When they finally reached a water source they jumped in the water with joy and swam around drinking and spraying water. They looked so incredibly happy and refreshed...wouldn't you? In a funny way I related to the feelings they were expressing and said, "That's how I feel when I am allowed to take a shower here..." That's also how I felt the other day when they detached me from my IV medication cart.

The last two nights I've had the privilege of sleeping without this newest appendage (IV cart) and it has been incredibly freeing. They've left an IV hep lock in my arm (which won't stop bleeding) just in case something happens and they need to hook me up again fast and get those meds pumping through my system. They've changed my medication around a couple times and we are now just waiting to see how my body reacts to these changes.

We had another ultrasound done yesterday which didn't really tell us much. (I'm going to try and explain with the least amount of details). My situation, on paper, looks the slightest bit better but in reality nothing has changed. Baby has changed position in the last couple days and is now breech which has relieved a little bit of pressure and resulted in fewer contractions (well, with a LOT of help from the medication) which, in turn, has resulted in a better looking image on the sonogram....we are talking 1/2 cm people, not much.

Today when I woke up and got dressed, I noticed my baby bump had changed. It got significantly smaller overnight. All I can contribute it to is that baby has changed position again and is back in the "get ready, get set, here I come" position.

The past two days have been significantly calmer around here, which is fantastic, but I can't help but feel like it is the calm before the next storm.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have made it this close to the 'safer' zone...especially after last weeks close call. So now we just continue to wait and do what the doctors and specialists tell me to do. And continue to pray for these miracles to be showered upon us just as a welcomed spray of refreshing water.

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Sara, Nick, and kids said...

omg that is definately the worst part about the hospital... the iv!! from all 3 c-sections that is the part i feared the most. when we went in scheduled with andrew they asked nick if i was scared and he said "just of the iv. she'll do fine with the rest." i cannot even imagine having it in longer than just a few days!! ugh!! hang in there:)

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