Saturday, August 22, 2009


I cannot explain the kind of joy I feel when I see the faces of my beautiful boys. It's always been a great joy, but right now it is a fierce kind of joy.

Last night Doug and Andrew came to my hospital room prepared for a family date night. They came bearing gifts of popcorn, cookies and chocolate covered pretzels... of which I tried desperately to partake only to not be very successful. We turned on the movie, Cars, and all squished tight on my hospital bed. I had a hard time watching the movie (due mostly to the headaches and blurry vision) but my attention was mostly fixed on the pure joy and love I felt in that moment. - it made me smile from the inside out -

I've always been madly in love with my little family, but there is something different about any tough situation that brings a family even closer together. It's the little things right now that lift my spirit and heart to soar above all the worrying, fretting and waiting.

Drewboy's little muddy toes and chocolate smeared face
The warmth of my sweet husband's arm around my shoulder
A giggle and a smile
A hairy hand to hold while my IV site is being changed out
"I love you more, Mommy"
A concerned and gentle lift from my husband to help me out of bed
The way the sunlight shines just right in my room at 4pm

These are the kinds of things that get me through each day...I'm so blessed to have a great and loving supportive family...and to be loved by the two sweetest and most handsome boys in the whole world - they make my life go round.


Wilson Family said...

We live for you... Love Doug

Nick, Sara, and kids said...

Heather how sweet to just sit there and soak up so much love. Seriously brings me to tears. Remind me to come back to this post when I am feeling down.

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