Sunday, June 28, 2009

Did you say party?

So I've realized that it's almost July...has anyone else come to that surprising realization? I was shocked! This has lead me to kick myself into gear and put up these pictures before the month of Andrew's birthday has actually come and gone.

We had a little birthday party the week after Andrew's birthday because one of my sisters was in town with her family and we were excited to get a chance to celebrate something with them....we missed Lindsay and her family profusely and would have LOVED to have them there!

I have found that I have a thing with cake making. I love it. I never imagined I would, but here I am in love. I had lots of fun creating this little wonder...the only thing missing was the siren. Oh well, maybe next time. hah! Doug was so excited about the cake that he hid it from everyone until the moment of the final reveal....Andrew thought it was pretty great so all the work was definitely worth it!!!
The ladder was edible so that was the first thing gone , but everyone took a good look for a while and all proceeded to weep when I cut into it...just kidding, there were no tears!
Everyone was greeted with a fireman hat and a fireman badge sticker when they entered the party... We had a great dinner, a bubble frenzy, and just lots of layed back fun.
Some of us even had fun with the centerpieces...more fun to wear than just sit and look at!
Thanks to all who gave him gifts...he got a Spiderman scooter from Nana and Popi, a bakugon from the McIntire family and lots of cool cars to add to his collection from the Browns.
All the cousins played outside together for a while before we ate and opened gifts. Andrew discovered a new crush...not just for scooters....for his cousin, Tyler. He instantly bonded to Tyler and was so sad to see him go. Tyler showed him the ropes of his cool scooter before Andrew got to try it for himself on his new one. Thanks Ty!
Here is a close up of my newest creation...Doug has a photoshoot with each cake before anyone is allowed to touch it so I had to include the close up.
Hello...and goodbye my friend. We will meet again next year and explore Andrew's newest obsession. Till then...


Dan and LaVon said...

Ohhh you are good. The cake was adorable, but Andrew even more adorable as he is looking to carefully on and I imagine examining every inch of it with his eyes.

Elizabeth J. said...

Happy birthday to that little man!! He's SUCH a cutie! Glad you guys could have a fun party with the fam!

Frasure Family said...

Can't believe he is 3! Such a fun party! I love the cake! Did you use fondant or gum paste for it? I hope to be able to creat seomthing like that someday!

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